Nutri-Cal Chews for Dogs

Nutritional Supplement

NASCIs your pet active, a finicky eater, or off food? Give them the energy and nutrition they need with
Nutri-Cal Chews...It’s the Nutri-Cal Gel you’ve loved for years, now in a great tasting chew.
One bag equates to one tube of Nutri-Cal.

Nutri-Cal is the veterinary standard for a high energy nutritional supplement. Providing appetite stimulation and easy digestion, it has great benefits for your pet. Nutri-Cal Chews have a concentrated source of vitamins & minerals. Nutri-Cal Chews for Cats and Kittens have been specially formulated with Taurine. It is a highly palatable soft chew that your pet will love! Pet and pet owner’s favorite for over 30 years!

UPC# Product Code Product Name Unit Size
0-30521-05777-1 425777 Nutri-Cal Chews for Dogs 45 ct