Twitter Q&A

How do I get my dog to stop eating poop?
From @slich_
It’s not a nutritional issue at all, it’s just a nasty habit. Some dogs may just be trying to clean up after themselves. There are products you can put in the dog’s food that will make it taste bad if they do eat it. For-bid is one. There are several coprophagia deterrents out there to help with this.  
How can my family best pet-proof the house when I visit?
From @TaterTotTweets1
Consider what plants are there. If you aren’t sure about a plant, pick it up and move it. Close all doors to rooms you don’t want the pet to be in. If you have any food left out on coffee tables or side tables make sure it’s picked up, such as bowls of chocolate or other candy.
My dog is scared of thunder. How can I help him be less stressed during thunderstorms?
From @TaterTotTweets1
Give him a “safe space.” Make sure it’s dark with some loud music to help take away the sound of the thunder. Relax & Calm Chews or another anxiety product can help as well. Sometimes the ability to “escape” is enough. Make sure it’s easy to access the safe space, too, as dogs can sometimes sense pressure changes in the air hours before a storm hits.
How can I get my dog to quit jumping on guests?
From @TaterTotTweets1
The easiest answer is avoidance. Put them away when guests arrive. Also consider a harness. And reward good behavior when he doesn’t jump. It can be difficult to ignore a dog, but don’t pay any attention to him. Attention reinforces the behavior.
What's your favorite bulldog shampoo?
From @TaterTotTweets1
Because bulldogs have special skin, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian for your dog’s specific issues. Your vet can make the best recommendation by knowing your dog.
How can I introduce a pet to a new child?
From @tabithac9
It’s all about getting the animal to be calm before the event occurs. Be proactive in putting the animal in the new room, around the new environment where the child will be. Try not to waver the amount of time you’re spending with the animal to make sure his life doesn’t change much. And structure some time with the pet and the new baby so they can get used to each other. Continue to give the pet lots of toys, treats, food and time so he sees the child as a good thing and not a threat. For older children, make sure the dog has a place to go on his own, too.
Are mistletoe & pointsettia plants poisonous to cats? Are they harmful to dogs too?
From @tabithac9
Yes and Yes.
What is the best method for training a dog to walk/run on a leash without pulling?
From @slich_
Try using some sort of head collar, buckle or harness instead of a regular leash. Also avoid retractable leashes, as there is constant pressure with that. You can start with a longer leash, too, to encourage them to walk closer. There are also ways to teach them not to pull when they are: don’t walk the same way they are, for example.
How can I get my dog and cat to get along better?
From @kellieason
Don’t force it. Give them plenty of space. It can be a long process! Anything that makes either of them relax will help, although there’s no way to force harmony. Reward good behaviors when they interact calmly with each other. This goes for interaction with people, too.
Do dogs need to wear sweaters outside when it is cold?
From @tabithac9
It depends on how cold it is and whether the dog has short or long hair. As long as it isn’t raining most breeds are OK unless it’s down to single-digit temperatures. Wet and cold is worse than just cold. Lap dogs that rarely go out are more likely to be bothered by cold temperatures than larger breeds, for example.
When around other dogs my dog goes straight for their privates to lick. Why?
From @blakebrignac
It could be behavioral related to dominance or submissive. It could also be hormonal. If he is fixed, just keep him at arm’s length.
What's the best way to clip my [big] dog's nails? She kinda freaks out on me when she sees me coming with the clippers.
From @kerriguyton
In the hands of a trained professional! You can de-sensitize them to nail trimmers by making them feel like the clippers won’t hurt them so they won’t be scared. You can feed them while you’re touching them with the clippers, although that takes a lot of time. Dogs typically don’t want their feet handled at all, so spend time touching their feet without the clippers in general. It may help to give her Relax & Calm Chews. There are tools called Pedi Paws that may help. In a nutshell, frequently touch the feet, try an alternative trimmer and consider Tomlyn Relax & Calm Chews.
What are the safest household cleaners for pets with allergies?
From @LymphomaLetters
It depends on what they are allergic to. It will be dictated by the type of allergies, so we recommend chatting with your veterinarian.
Why are grapes bad for dogs?
From @heyimcrissy
Although the reason is unknown, grapes can cause renal failure in dogs.
Why does my dog lick EVERYTHING and how do I get him to stop?
From @blakebrignac
Consider some increased interaction, more toys to play with. He could just be bored and those things will address it. If he is licking himself as well, it may be allergies. Tomlyn allergy drops can help with that. Dogs who lick their forelegs or feet may be having some irritation related to allergies.